The Hall CP

Discovery District / College Park / College Park, MD 20742

Uniting Artists, Entrepreneurs and Students Through Food and Entertainment

With the addition of the Hall CP, The University of Maryland’s Discovery District is now a hub for students and foodies to satisfy their creativity and their cravings while collaborating with fellow innovators.


CEO of War Horse Cities, Scott Plank, saw immense potential for a state-of-the-art built environment at his alma mater, The University of Maryland. As one of the nation’s premier research institutions, The University of Maryland has long been a steward of innovation and its Discovery District was the perfect place for a collaborative community ecosystem. With inclusivity and collaboration being core competencies within our company, we saw an opportunity to unite the community members, students, faculty and staff, and entrepreneurs in a space that allows them to create and celebrate through the various mediums of art and innovation. That space? The Hall CP.


Starting with a lookbook, we defined the vision for the new space, crafted around the idea that artists and entrepreneurs share a curiosity and creativity that drives certain needs. Then, we determined the space: an awkward patch of real estate made up of two long-vacant buildings. To us, those empty buildings held enormous potential—and we quickly got to work developing an amazing indoor/outdoor space that focused on education, the arts, and, of course, the Hall: a great kitchen with a huge dining room that would bring together artists, entrepreneurs, young professionals and the entire community.


War Horse Cities partnered with local developers Chesapeake Realty Partners, Baltimore builders PI.KL Studios and event planner and interior designer Stephanie Bradshaw to bring The Hall CP to life. The innovative food, music and entertainment venue opened in early January 2020 and features on-demand amenities like a kitchen, a production space, a restaurant, a music venue, a rehearsal and performance space and a courtyard. With a focus on meeting the needs of the customer, The Hall CP offers 20,000 square feet of dynamic and visually appealing indoor and outdoor space. The customers are college students, recent college graduates and the whole College Park neighborhood—and with the development of the Hall CP, they’ll have a place to go to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and incredible food.

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