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Preparing the next generation to solve the challenges of the future

With a smart investment and creative programming, we’re helping to pave the way for tomorrow’s innovators.



Tom Davidson, the CEO of Everfi, has been a longtime friend of War Horse. When he introduced us to his idea of teaching financial literacy to high school students, we were fully on board, and we knew we had to invest—because when our nation’s youth are given the tools they need to succeed, there’s no challenge they can’t solve.


Everfi’s people-focused philosophy is already aligned with ours, so the initial investment was an easy decision. Together, we created the Tomorrow’s Innovators program, which inspires students in the Tenderloin area to change their communities and world for better by preparing them to meet basic life challenges.


Everfi has been successful in their initial endeavor, and since their launch, they’ve grown exponentially, branching out into other programs for K-12, higher education, and adult learners. Our investment helped give Everfi the resources to develop innovative programs—and in turn, they’re developing the minds of the next generation of innovators.

EverFi’s Honor Code Provides Free Classes and Resources to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Honor Code is EverFi’s comprehensive, free and online bullying prevention program that helps students recognize the detrimental effects of bullying and help prevent it from occurring in their schools. Whether your students struggle with bullying or simply witness it occurring in their classrooms, every student can benefit from taking EverFi’s six standalone courses, which cover topics ranging from identifying and defining bullying behavior, practicing intervention and recognizing one’s own potential for leadership and academic excellence.

Recommended for students in grade levels 8-10, Honor Code offers a variety of helpful resources including self-paced digital lessons and options for a capstone project, and educator resources are available for teachers to help integrate the core lessons of Honor Code into their classroom.

The six module topics offered through Honor Code include Relationships, Leadership, Resilience, Courage, Community and an optional Capstone Project. Each course offers specific learning objectives to help your students understand the importance of a positive and healthy school environment and discourage bullying in and out of the classroom.

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