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Investing in a Local, Family-Owned Business

Seeing the Potential in Levin Eyecare’s Blend of State-of-the-Art Care and Personal Solutions

Levin Eye Care


When father-son duo Dr. Howard and Dr. Richard Levin made the decision to found Levin Eye Care in 2006, they did so out of a passion for providing the highest-quality eye care with a personal touch. Levin Eye Care is a local, family-focused eye care facility dedicated to creating the best patient experience possible through innovative eye care solutions and compassionate treatment tailored to each patient. With 11 locations across the Baltimore Metropolitan area and beyond, Levin Eye Care is set to become our community’s leading eye care provider. Their dedication to combining state-of-the-art care with a personal, small-town family feel sets the optometrists and ophthalmologists at Levin Eye Care apart from the rest.


War Horse Cities saw an opportunity to grow and nurture a local and family-owned business into a known entity that would be a recognizable household name in our community. We are dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures authentic relationships between the community and our local businesses. This passion propelled our decision to invest in Levin Eye Care so they can offer their clients treatments that implement the latest technologies, make meaningful connections with new patients and expand their reach across the Baltimore area.


The medical field is rapidly growing and innovating—we see incredible potential in investing in Levin Eye Care’s commitment to integrating revolutionary technology with people-focused care. While innovative medical technology is the future, personal and compassionate care tailored to meet the needs of each and every patient is a lost art form. That is why we saw immense potential in the family-focused and forward-thinking optometrists and ophthalmologists at Levin Eye Care who are fluent in providing new solutions for patients with the warmth and kindness that patients crave. In the pursuit of providing opportunities for small, local businesses to become a fixture in the community, the development team at War Horse has made smart investments into Levin Eye Care to contribute to a meaningful, service-oriented business.

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