Developing Innovative Affordability

Leveraging the innovative design of Anthem House, we looked just one street over to create more new affordable living spaces for up-and-coming Baltimore residents.


Fresh off the heels of the success of Anthem House, it became clear that the growing number of young Baltimore residents were seeking more affordable housing options. Today’s Millennials and entry-level workers were looking for something that the Baltimore market needed: living spaces that were affordable, accessible, and beautiful.


We purchased the land across the street from Anthem House to create a “sister building” of sorts. Taking a cue from famed San Francisco architect David Baker, we merged inexpensive construction methodology with a beautifully energized street level, and filled the space full with smaller, less expensive apartments.


With shared ownership, Anthem II residents are able to take advantage of all of the amenities of the original Anthem House, including the fitness facility, pool, parking, and recreation area. Anthem II serves as a perfect complement to Anthem, and the apartments are quickly filling up with young professionals ready to make a home in Locust Point.