Connecting People. Strengthening Communities.

We are committed to supporting and participating in vibrant urban communities—which we do by building exciting urban environments that are economically and environmentally sustainable. Hand in hand with the communities we serve, we invest our time, skills and resources into programming spaces, developing real estate and creating philanthropic initiatives for long-term positive impact.

Community Building

We believe that community stands proudly at the heart of innovation, growth and change. That is why we are committed to creating spaces and places that bring people together. Whether it’s through food, music, or education, built environments connect and inspire. Building communities starts with the individual, and serving the individual’s need for creativity, connection and character. We are better, together.

Neighborhood Investment

Nurtured individuals are the building blocks of flourishing communities. We’re finding new ways to bring people together around shared values that strengthen their own neighborhoods. We’re giving back to our neighborhoods by starting at the foundation: cultivating historically underserved cities and neighborhoods to be most socially, economically and environmentally healthy.


Growth starts with the individual. We establish innovative environments where entrepreneurs and independent thinkers can make new connections and reach greater heights. Collaborative environments foster unity and promote new ways for people to share and build ideas. Collaborative environments enhance the individual, which in turn unlocks new and bigger ideas and opportunities.

Health & Wellness

Greater access to wellness means healthier communities. We’re creating environments that enhance physical and mental well-being through fitness and nutrition. By improving access to nutritious and affordable food from our local and regional food systems, and developing accessible community fitness programs, we’re creating healthier and happier communities that last.

Interim Activation

By activating spaces that recognize and respond to the needs of the market and neighborhood, we are establishing more immediate community impact. Jumpstarting community engagement that builds momentum means harnessing the power of food, recreation and togetherness. We see the potential in even the most underutilized and disinvested properties.


In addition to our real estate endeavors, our team is driven to make thoughtful impacts in our community and create lasting, positive change. Our philanthropic partners include the Baltimore School for the Arts, Francis Scott Key School, Guilford School and Western District Police Station.

Baltimore School of the Arts is one of the most lauded arts high schools in the country. With strategic renovations, high-tech upgrades and a brand-new library, we helped some of the city’s best young artists expand their creative voices and foster collaboration. At Francis Scott Key School in Baltimore, our team implemented an innovative, in-school fitness center for teachers, because we believe healthy and happy teachers make for healthy and happy students. The fitness and wellness center was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and performance programming from FX Well and UA Record from Under Armour.

At Guilford School, our team transformed the cafeteria, science room, music room, and the gymnatorium to be centered around collaboration and nurture school pride. In addition, our team knew that, by improving the visitor and officer experience at Western District Police Station, we could help build better relationships between officers and citizens. Renovation projects included public parking spaces, a reflection garden, new bathrooms and meeting spaces that were constructed to reimagine community engagement.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our philanthropic endeavors and how we strive to enhance vibrant communities through giving back.


Better answers start with better questions. What are we really building? The best answers come from listening to the needs of the neighborhood, the market, and understanding innovative ways spaces and buildings can better serve them. We think the best measure of success is how many people we bring together over and over to enjoy our spaces in collaboration.


We build from a different perspective – focusing more on the capability of a place than just its capacity. We build what is needed most by the people who live in the community, creating places for those with shared values and interests can join.


We’re only as successful as the connections we facilitate. We work to connect our competencies with opportunities and ideas to action. We unite people for the betterment of communities.