Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

BALTIMORE / FELLS POINT / 1914 Thames Street

Bringing Four-Star Hospitality to a Vacant Part of Baltimore

We’re transforming a long-abandoned pier into a world-class destination.


Baltimore’s long-vacant Rec Pier has a rich history of bringing valuable goods and welcoming thousands of immigrants to the city. While it’s been overlooked for decades, we saw potential in the beautiful structure—and with a strong vision and some hard work, we’re quickly transforming it into a high-quality haven and one of the finest hospitality experiences in Baltimore.


The pier was on the verge of caving in, so we began the process of getting tax credits to transform it into its most obvious use: a hotel. First, we had to build a pier under the pier, and jack the new pier up to support it. Next, we began restoring some aspects of the hotel—like the ballroom—and completely renovating others, creating a new experience that honored its historic roots.


The Sagamore Pendry opened in March 2017 and is on its way to becoming a four-star destination for diverse visitors to our city. Its 128 rooms, beautiful first-level dining area, pool, and ballroom and meeting space are nearly unmatched in Baltimore, and guests from Charm City and beyond are gearing up to enjoy this spectacular space.

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