Francis Scott Key – Adopted School


Healthier Teachers Make for Happier Students

How a gift to our teachers became a gift to our children.


We all want healthy and happy children, so why not start with their role models? Teachers. We believe that when teachers can aspire to healthier lifestyles, they can inspire children to lead healthier lives as well. That’s why we started the Francis Scott Key Teacher Wellness Program in Baltimore.


Since we view wellness as more than just physical fitness, we created more than just a gym, developing an entire innovative in-school teacher fitness center and wellness program. The spacious group training room features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including wellness and performance programming from FX Well and the definitive health and fitness network UA Record from Under Armour. The modern technological equipment and wearable devices, combined with professional support from world-class trainers, provides teachers with tailored instruction, nutritional guidance, and continual inspiration. We also upgraded the teacher’s lounge and added special collaboration rooms for teachers to create and share lesson plans.


Together, these efforts are supporting teachers in pursuing healthier lifestyles, increasing collaboration, and creating a culture of wellness. In addition, we are helping to attract and retain teachers, our schools’ most valuable resources. By taking care of our teachers, we are taking care of our children - and our community. And that’s the best gift of all.

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