Anthem House


A New Vision With a Historic Perspective

The birthplace of the National Anthem is once again a beacon to new Baltimore talent.


Locust Point’s Fort McHenry is the birthplace of the National Anthem, which makes it central to Baltimore’s place in American history. Locust Point is now home to Anthem House and Under Armour, Baltimore’s fastest growing employer and one of America’s fastest growing global brands. We acquired this disused former industrial site to build a healthy-lifestyle, luxury residential community. Anthem is now complemented by Anthem House II, which strives for more affordable entry level apartments that will efficiently share Anthem House’s first-class amenities and parking.


Inspired by architecture in San Francisco’s harbor, Anthem House towers 40 feet above and provides a 360° view of the Baltimore Harbor with excellent views of the city. This innovative mixed-use space allows people to live, work, and play with creativity, comfort, and convenience. The 292 units are complemented by 20,000 feet of retail space and top-notch fitness facilities to meet the needs of a health-minded audience.


Amongst the low buildings that dot the Locust Point skyline, Anthem House stands tall as a beacon and a gateway to the district. Its unique location, architecture, and views help to attract new residents to the city and top talent to Under Armour and other companies. Anthem House presents a new, modern vision that’s still consistent with Locust Point’s past achievements of welcoming a new era of builders.