Belvedere Square Market

BALTIMORE / GUILFORD / 529 E. Belvedere Avenue

Past Project:

Revitalizing a City Market into a Neighborhood Square

By rethinking how a market could work, we expanded and enhanced what a market experience could be.


For many years, Belvedere Square (BSQ) was mostly known as a fun, seasonal North Baltimore family gathering place for the “Summer Sounds” concerts. As patrons ourselves, we always saw the half-full market as having much greater potential. We jumped at the opportunity to create a more thriving market that could benefit local merchants, attract new visitors, and provide the neighborhood with an exciting year-round gathering place.


We rethought how to utilize the 100,000 square feet of retail and 8,000 square feet of market space - and what the market experience could become. We worked with one of our partners and Baltimore’s first James Beard Award winner, Chef Spike Gjerde, to define the right food and right merchants. Our approach considered the importance of procession and human scale throughout the space to create a more compelling customer experience, which led to a new plan toward its parking, style, merchandising, signage, marketing, and storytelling. We also expanded BSQ Summer Sounds concert series, making it bigger and better than ever before!


BSQ has made a North Baltimore neighborhood home to the region’s top merchants; offering meats and produce directly from the farm, ocean fresh seafood, gourmet pastries, soups, and specialty items. Traffic has increased dramatically, with over 10,000 visitors each week. Whether it’s foodies enjoying the city’s best artisanal fare or families spending time together in one of the best gathering places for food and entertainment in Baltimore on a Friday summer evening, BSQ is a sensory-filled market that is thriving year-round.