Lighthouse Point Real Estate


Revitalizing the Baltimore Waterfront Through Conscious Development


The team at War Horse Cities understands the importance and value of a beautiful Baltimore Waterfront to residents and tourists alike, and took the opportunity to positively contribute to the growth of the area through smart development. The waterfront is constantly growing and changing, and smart investment will help to strengthen the community and breathe life into this Baltimore fixture.


As a result of the 16-entity purchase of several properties along Lighthouse Point and Baltimore Marine Centers, War Horse Cities introduces Swim Club at Lighthouse Point, a luxurious oasis featuring private cabanas, a restaurant and cocktail bar in addition to the already-existing pool area. The relaxing retreat at the heart of the Canton waterfront overlooks the iconic harbor and stands as an exciting new community amenity for all to enjoy.


Under the new management of War Horse, the tenants located in Lighthouse Point can continue on the upward path of growth as we work diligently for the betterment of the city. We constantly strive for long-term improvement in Baltimore through community development and growth. Swim Club at Lighthouse Point, as well as the many amenities purchased in the acquisition, will help to heighten the overall Baltimore experience and contribute to thoughtful, conscious development along our beloved harbor, its addition to promoting economic growth in the city.