Baltimore School for the Arts

BALTIMORE / MOUNT VERNON / 712 Cathedral Street

Putting Collaboration at Center-Stage

With strategic renovations and high-tech upgrades, we helped some of the city’s best young artists expand their creative voices.


As one of the most successful public schools in the state and one of the best five arts high schools in America, Baltimore School for the Arts holds a lot of promise for its students. Here, intelligent, creative, and driven kids from all walks of life come to hone their skills in fine arts, acting, theatre stage tech, dance, music, and more. Until recently, these young students were working as solo acts—only training and working with others in their specific area. We saw the opportunity to make their experience more collaborative, so they can learn and grow as multidimensional artists and develop more cross-functional skills.


From our deep roots at Under Armour, we know that collaboration is essential to success—and that’s a mindset we took with us as we began our partnership with the Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA). Working with the school’s director, we reorganized the space to encourage teamwork, and the Center for Collaborative Arts & Technology—or CCAT, for short—was born. In a world of infinite formation, we sought to rethink what a library could be and put the latest technology to work as tools for creativity and collaboration. In doing so, we gave the students at BSA the means to work across disciplines and bring their talents one step closer to the real world.


At CCAT, BSA students are now working together across disciplines, realizing multiple points of view, and becoming inspired to innovate in new ways on every level. They’re applying new technology as tools for making their own portfolios to showcase their talents, cultivating marketable skills that will serve them in a world that increasingly requires collaboration, and more effectively developing their full potential.

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