Clinton Street Heliport


A Bird’s Eye View of Charm City


As a part of our initiative for smart development on the Baltimore waterfront to benefit the community, War Horse Cities purchased a 16-entity portfolio that includes a wealth of restaurants, retail properties, marinas and Pier 7, which hosts a helipad used for city tours. The helipad is home to Charm City Helicopters, the only civilian helicopter tour company in Baltimore, whose owner saw immense potential for thrilling city tours in a desirable location.


The owner of Charm City Helicopters, Caitlin Shipley, and her husband and Pilot Freddie Ephraim, share a passion for flying and wanted to provide a tourism opportunity for both visitors interested in getting a bird’s-eye view of Baltimore and locals desiring to see their city in a new way. With the help of their trusted Bell 206 aircraft, the pilots at Charm City Helicopters offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for thrill-seekers and first-time flyers alike. Charm City Helicopters has advanced to its new phase of Charter, connecting Baltimore to surrounding cities and the Eastern shore of Maryland like never before.


The teams at War Horse Cities and Charm City Helicopters share the same drive to positively contribute to the betterment of Baltimore by offering the community a new and fresh Baltimore experience—one through breathtaking flight and the other through manifesting a city vision. The developers at War Horse Cities are excited to share the beauty of Baltimore with Charm City Helicopters through the purchase of the Pier 7 helipad. War Horse Cities hopes to continue to execute thoughtful city development and inspire others to take pride in Charm City.