Clinton Street Industrial


Charm City’s Iconic Hub


There are countless gems to explore all over Baltimore, but there is nothing quite like downtown. Access to the waterfront, Camden Yards, and a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment spaces. Not to mention, the commercial real estate opportunities in the area are home to innovative office spaces, retail establishments and industrial facilities.


Inspired by opportunities located on Clinton Street in downtown Baltimore, our team acquired office space, retail, marine and helicopter fueling, and marine and helicopter maintenance centers that were included in a marine portfolio from Baltimore Marine Centers (BMC). This group of properties serves both Baltimore’s waterfront communities, visitors, and Charm City as a whole.


We will work diligently with Baltimore communities and stakeholders to build a long term improvement and collaboration plan to amplify waterfront offerings for everyone in and around the city. By leveraging the reach of our other projects, we will strengthen the harbor experience to drive economic impact and lively programming across the waterfront.