War Horse Cities Announces Key Partnerships In Hollins-Roundhouse Redevelopment Project

BALTIMORE, Maryland — BALTIMORE, Maryland — Scott Plank and the leadership team at War Horse Cities and War Horse Cities CDC are pleased to announce their partnership with Aequo Fund and the Corvus Property Intelligence for the next phase of their multi-year Hollins-Roundhouse community development project.

Corvus Property Intelligence is a Baltimore-based real estate intelligence organization that specializes in property management, asset management, marketing and compliance of affordable housing properties.

Ernst Valery, founding partner of Corvus—a property management solution platform and SAA | EVI subsidiary—has been instrumental in the planning stages of the project. Valery brings over 20 years of experience leading thoughtful community-based development projects in Baltimore, Buffalo, Richmond and Philadelphia. He also served as Co Chair of the Baltimore Mayor’s Committee to increase access to workforce and affordable housing.

At the heart of the Hollins redevelopment project is the construction of 12 new townhomes. The Aequo Fund aided the purchase of the land for these new-construction homes, which are set to be completed in 2022. In addition, Corvus Property Intelligence has been engaged as the Property Manager for the remaining portfolio of mixed-use properties and development sites that War Horse maintains in the Hollins-Roundhouse community.

“We are eager to break ground on this phase of the Hollins-Roundhouse redevelopment project, which will provide home ownership opportunities in this historic corner of the city. We’re committed to this community and look forward to a lasting partnership with Ernst and where it will take us in the future,” said Steve Jennings, President of War Horse Cities.


“The Aequo Fund aims to level the playing field in the real estate industry by providing capital to emerging underrepresented, BIPOC, and Immigrant developers and real estate students,” said Ernst Valery, founding partner of Corvus. “In addition to allocating equity funds to often marginalized real estate professionals, the Aequo Fund strives to increase the stock of workforce and affordable homes in urban communities.”

This project has allowed War Horse Cities to tap into its core competencies. “Hollins Market represents community, collaboration and neighborhood investment,” said Seth Peichert, Vice President and Asset Manager of War Horse Cities. “These are a few of our core values that we strive to incorporate into every one of our projects.”

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