National Aquarium expanding sustainable-seafood efforts

The National Aquarium will expand its sustainable seafoodefforts with a new endowed program, it announced on Monday.

The National Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Program will include enhanced education programs for consumers about sustainable seafood options and will work to expand those options by creating new partnerships between local fishermen and local restaurants, according to the aquarium.

Start-up funding for the new program was provided by a gift from the Dana DiCarlo and Scott Plank Family Foundation and their urban development company, War Horse. The aquarium declined to disclose the amount of the gift.

“The National Aquarium’s siting on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is daily motivation to act locally within our own Chesapeake Bay watershed and to think nationally and globally, driving our mission,” Plank said in a statement. “Food production is a function of abundant clean water. Farming, raising livestock and abundance of native fish, crabs and oysters all depend on sustainable cultivation within our national watersheds.”